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Helping you secure your finances

Credit Counselling

Budgeting advice, debt management plans, and educational programs on how to manage finances

Debt Settlement

Make payments into a holding account to pay your debtors off at a negotiated lumpsum rate

Debt Management

Negotiate and come to an agreement between you and your creditors to reduce your debt.

Debt Consolidation

Combine all your debts into one manageable monthly payment and freeze interest

Consumer Proposal

Legally binding agreement that can help reduce the amount of debt you owe

Declare Bankruptcy

Legal process that allows you to have their debts discharged or restructured

Give us 30 minutes and we'll give you a plan to be debt-free

We are committed to helping you achieve financial freedom.

Freeze Interest

Pay as little as 0% interest when you get started with one of our debt relief programs

Up to 75% Debt Forgiven

Eliminate up to 75% of your debt so you can make manageable payments and become debt-free

Expert Care

Our experts have helped thousands make the debt-free journey and will help find the best solution for you.

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Success Stories

How This 45 Year Old Avoided Bankruptcy

Get Started  Debt can be a major source of stress and anxiety. For Mary, a 45-year-old mother of two, it had been a constant struggle

Debt Relief

How to Qualify for Debt Relief in Alberta

Get Started Debt relief is a way to manage debt by either reducing the amount owed or restructuring the payment terms. It’s an option to